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MTPV Services


MTPV (TM) Services

MTPV makes the implementation of the EBLADE™ Power Platform a seamless experience with a broad set of services offerings delivered directly and with partners to ensure that your project is a complete success.

Our team and partner network are committed to optimizing the energy recovery from your heat sources.


Services provided fall into the following categories:



Advisory Consulting


Align objectives, analyze alternatives and develop an overarching plan for heat energy recovery.


Site Inspection and Preparation


Determine optimum placement of critical infrastructure; project plan development.




Installation and test of the EBLADE™ Power Platform; integration of the ECONSOLE ™ Power Platform Manager into existing plant systems.


Managed Services


Ongoing monitoring and management of the EBLADE™ Power Platform.


Maintenance & Upgrades


Routine system maintenance and mid-lifecycle power enhancement upgrades.


MTPV's success is measured in the realization of client objectives through completed infrastructure installation, ongoing systems management and services delivery resulting in reliable power generation and heat emissions reduction.

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