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MTPV Energy Insights


MTPV's vision is focused on meeting global energy demands more efficiently and effectively, fueled by clean energy technology, for the well-being and prosperity of future generations. Stay informed of MTPV's perspective on the rapidly evolving world of clean, renewable energy production through the MTPV Energy Insights blog. Each month our thought leaders provide their unique insights into the key market, technology and environmental issues that chart our direction forward.






Why MTPV? An Energy Industry Veteran’s Perspective
Mark Little, member of MTPV's Board of Directors, and former Chief Technology Officer and energy business leader at General Electric provides his perspective on the progress and potential impact of MTPV's waste heat to clean electric power technology.
November 28, 2016


Crossing the 400ppm CO2 Threshold: What it Means, Why it Matters
Colin Lacey, MTPV's VP of Product Management and Marketing, blogs this month on the recent news that for the first time atmospheric carbon dioxide readings remained above 400 parts per million for a full year. As power generation is a significant contributor to global carbon dioxide emissions (30% in the US), MTPV's clean electric power generation technology can help to address this critical issue.
October 11, 2016


No Machine May Contain Any Moving Parts
Guest blogger Thomas Ortman, CEO of engineering company Concurrent Design, walks us through a model of US energy consumption and considers the importance of solid state design in the evolution of machines.
September 7, 2016

Waste Heat 101

Waste heat is a huge element of the global energy equation. Brian Hubert explores the scale, sources and implications of the untapped energy readily available from waste heat.
August 10, 2016

MTPV Origins
For MTPV’s inaugural blog post we asked founder Bob DiMatteo to share his recollections on the origins of the company – the discovery and evolution of the micron-gap thermophotovoltaic effect.
July 15, 2016


Featured Thought Leaders

Mark Little

Mark Little is an independent board member on MTPV’s Board of Directors. Over his 37-year career at General Electric, Mark served in diverse senior leadership roles in operations, research, strategic planning, joint venture development, and product management. Subsequently, as GE’s CTO and head of Global Research, Mark developed fundamental technologies to help GE compete and grow in business sectors including energy, oil & gas, transportation, healthcare, and aviation. Mark now helps other organizations by working with business leaders and boards as an advisor and mentor.
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Colin Lacey

Colin Lacey leads Product Management and Marketing for MTPV with more than 25 years of experience in product management, services creation, and business development in both global Fortune 500 companies and emerging market technology companies.
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Brian Hubert

Thomas Ortman is the President & CEO of Concurrent Design, a provider of complete electro-mechanical design and build services for new product engineering design and development. He is a founding partner of CleanTX Foundation and co-founder of the Solar Energy Entrepreneur Network.

Brian Hubert

Brian Hubert leads Product & Business Development for MTPV, with deep financial, product, intellectual property, technical and business experience in both small and large companies. He was formerly a venture capital investor and start-up founder.
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Bob DiMatteo

Bob DiMatteo is an MTPV founder and is chairman of the MTPV board of directors. He led the team that discovered the MTPV (micron-gap thermophotovoltaic) effect.
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